If you are taking advantage of our request and ticketing system, you may prefer to have your clients to send requests and tickets to a custom domain like a support@ or help@ account. That is possible with email forwarding! When a client emails your support address, it will be forwarded to your Communicator Inbox so you can have seamless communication without interrupting your workflow.

Client requests and tickets only work when it's received from a known client. Google forwarded emails are addressed as forwarding-noreply@google.com. If you set up email forwarding to your custom email address without adding the forwarding-noreply@google.com address as a contact, it will look like an unknown contact and will be rejected by the request system.

Step 1 - Create a new client

You will first need to create a new client and add forwarding-noreply@google.com as the email.

Step 2 - Log into your Google settings to set up email forwarding

Navigate to your Client Portal configuration and clicking on the Request settings tab and copy your request/ticketing address.

Once you have your email copied, paste it in the "Add a forwarding address" box in your GMail settings and click Next, and then Proceed.

You will receive the email in your Communicator Inbox. Go into the email and you can copy the confirmation code.

Navigate back to the GMail settings and paste the verification code and click Verify.

You are now set up for forwarding your emails to your Communicator Inbox!

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