Your Hectic client portal contains all the tools you need to allow full project collaboration with your clients. Fine grained access control allows you to configure exactly what your clients can see and do for every project.

After you have created your project for your client, you will need to determine what level of collaborative access you want to grant. You can start by clicking on the edit symbol in any of the project list screens.

Once inside the edit modal, there are two important fields that determine what your client can and cannot see and what actions they can take.

Client portal access:

  • Full project collaboration - this setting allows full access to your Kanban and timeline for this project. Your client will be able to add new deliverables as well as update existing deliverable assignments, timelines, and statuses. You will be able to assign any client contact to your deliverables when full collaboration is enabled. This mode is great when your client really wants to be hands on in prioritizing and scoping the work.

  • Read only project collaboration - this setting allows your client to see the entire Kanban and timeline view. They are able to add comments to the deliverables but they are not able to update statuses, change assignments, due dates, etc. This setting is great if you simply want to keep your client fully apprised of your progress without the expectation that they are participating in the project execution.

  • Overview only - In this view, your client won't be able to see the Kanban or Timeline view. They will only be able to to see the overview of the project. Additionally, they will be able to engage in the "Client approval workflow" process (described later in this document) to sign off on completed work.

  • Not visible - In this view the project will be completely hidden from your client. No access will be granted.

Show time worked in portal

  • Yes time worked is visible - allows you to share the individual time entries and summary data for this project with your client. The time entries will appear in summary form within the project overview as well as in the Timesheets tab that shows overall time worked on the client's account.

  • No time worked is hidden - will not surface any summary time or individual time entries to the client portal. This setting is useful if you are charging a fixed or recurring fee for a client, but you still want to track your time internally to understand how many hours you are working to complete the work.

Client approval workflow

The client approval workflow allows you to notify your client when work needs to be reviewed and approved before either progressing in the project flow or being marked as complete. You can define one or more columns within your Kanban board as being flagged for the client approval workflow. By clicking the [...] button in your Kanban column, you can choose which columns you need client input on. The columns flagged as being part of the Client workflow will appear with the small person icon next to the label.

When a deliverable is updated to be in a status that has Client workflow enabled, a notification email will be sent to your client letting them know they have an action item in the client portal.

When your client logs into the Client Portal they will see a notification on the landing page letting them know they have a deliverable that requires their input.

Clicking the button will open a special version of the deliverable modal that will allow your client to add comments, upload (or download) attachments and ultimately click the "OK" button to mark the deliverable as approved. This will then trigger a notification in your Hectic homebase letting you know the client approved the deliverable. The deliverable will be automatically moved to the next status to the right of the Client workflow status letting you know the client signed off.

You will see a history of approvals on the deliverable that will show who approved it and at what time the approval occurred.

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