In addition to being able to charge your clients hourly, a fixed price, and by retainer, you can now add per item pricing to a project so you can have a separate cost for each deliverable within a project.

Click on any project to edit its settings. Or click the block on the far right of a project heading to update the pricing. Choose "Per item."

Now when you add a deliverable to this project, you will see the option to access your product/service library. Add an item from your library or create a new price for this deliverable. When you create a new product or service, you'll add the name, a unit label and choose your default rate for that item.

You can also choose "Billed by the hour" when you create a new product or service and set your hourly rate for this particular product or service.

Whenever you add a new item here, it will be saved for future use. Edit pricing using the edit pencil.

Set up the pricing for each deliverable in the project this way. On the Pro plan, you can save this project plus the associated deliverables and fees as a template for future use.

Find out more about how per item pricing works in all of Hectic's features in this article.

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