No matter how your pricing structure is set up, you can manage it in Hectic. A few common pricing structures are outlined below.

Click a project starting from the client list in the left navigation and then clicking projects or click "Projects" and choose one of the list views.

Hourly rate

If you bill by the hour, use Hectic’s time tracking tool to keep track of your work. This makes it easy to add your hours to an invoice (no more complicated spreadsheets or forgetting when you started work!) Just make sure to add your hourly rate to the fees section of your project, and you’ll be able to add your hours to an invoice with just a few clicks. In addition, you can configure a billing increment under the client details to round your time in 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute increments.

Flat fee

If you charge a flat fee per project or piece of work, add that fee to the project as a fixed rate. Once the work is complete (it has been moved to the completed column in your project management), you can add the project to an invoice, and the fee will populate automatically.


To charge a retainer fee, first set up your project and select "Retainer" in the project fee type dropdown. Choose any invoicing schedule (e.g., weekly, monthly). In the "Retainer period" dropdown. If you enter a maximum hours per the retainer timing, you can also set an hourly overage rate. If you track more hours than your estimate, Hectic will calculate the overage and you'll be able to add it to your next invoice, no calculator required.

If you work on retainer, you can set the retainer period, when you'd like the retainer to be paid (before or after work), and when it starts. If you set an hour maximum with your retainer, you can also add an overage hourly amount. This will sync with your tracked time and allow you to add any overage to your invoice accordingly.

You can choose to be paid before or after the retainer period with "Retainer timing" and choose a start date. Automate this by using the instructions below.

Per item
If you have a project with deliverables that have several different fee structures, you can use per item pricing.

You can add per item prices in your agreements, project management, or directly to an invoice as an ad hoc item (show above). Price your deliverable per unit delivered or set an hourly rate for that item.

Pro tip: Add an item from your product/service library to a project directly from your invoice. Hover over the item and choose "add to project."

These are then stored in your product/service library for future use on any per item priced deliverable.

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