Hectic's homebase gives you a jumping off point for your day with an overview of your schedule, notes and to-do lists, notifications, and deliverables with due dates for today or in the past, this week, and next week.

Integrate your Google or iCloud calendar with Hectic to see your events and meetings for today in a list view. Toggle days with the arrows to look back or ahead.

If you are on the pro-tier, your Hectic scheduled meetings will appear here as well.

Add new
Quickly add a new client, agreement (quote, contract, or proposal), deliverable, time entry, expense, or invoice. Hectic is client-centric, so you will be asked to add proposals, time entries, expenses, and invoices to clients. You will be asked to add your deliverable to an existing project or create a new one.

Add as much or as little detail about clients and deliverables as you like. Only names are required.

You'll receive notifications when an action has been taken or something needs your attention from a core module. Notifications do not trigger based on due dates for deliverables or projects (due dates will bring up deliverables and projects in "Work to be done." See below for more on this.)

Snooze or delete notifications. Notifications are clickable so you can quickly interact with any card.

Here are notification types you'll receive depending on your plan.



Invoice paid

@mention in deliverables

Recurring invoice ready for approval

Deliverable assigned to you

Agreement accepted

Comment in deliverable assigned to you

Form submission

Deliverable approved from client portal

Meeting scheduled

Work to be done

When you add due dates to your deliverables, they will populate this section with a shortened version of your deliverables list.

From left to right above, you will see your client initials, overall project name, deliverable name, due date, who it is assigned to, number of tasks completed, and status.

In "Due today," you will see anything due today as well as anything past due that has not been moved to the column you have chosen as your completion column.

(Toggle which column is your completed column in Projects > Deliverable list or Deliverable kanban. Click the 3 dots on any column and choose "Set status as complete.")

Quickly make notes or edits to deliverables by clicking them from your "Work to be done" section.

To-do's and notes

Add to-dos that are not associated with a deliverable in this section. Use the + in the upper right to create new. To-do's can be re-ordered by mousing over then dragging the 6 dots to the left of the check circle. Markdown is supported in notes.

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