Get an overview from prospects to active projects with sales pipeline so that you have just the amount of work that fits in your life. Easily keep track of which prospects have received forms or proposals and a full visual of your active projects.

Navigate to “Clients” and then the “Sales pipeline” tab.

In each step, click on the card for quick access to other related actions.


When you meet someone at a coffee shop or you see someone online that you can’t wait to work with, keep their information in Hectic by adding a prospect. Click the + next to “Prospect” to begin and add in all the information that you have.

After you click save, you can create and track a discovery form to find out what your prospect needs and if they are the right fit for you. When you click “Create discovery,” you will get the option to send them any of the forms you have created already or create a new form.

Once you have sent the discovery form to your prospect, they will move to the next stage.


View the discovery form you sent. This will show the status of the form as well as its answers once your prospect has completed the form. Using the information from their completed discovery form you can create a proposal to begin working together.

Pro tip: Include projects and deliverables in your proposal that will automatically be added to your project management in Hectic once the proposal is signed.

Once you have sent a proposal, they will move to the next stage.


Get quick access to the proposal you began with your prospect. From here, you can manually create projects for your prospect.

View, sign, or void the proposal by clicking the card in this step. To clear out proposals that were not fully executed from this view, you can choose to archive the proposal.

Signed contract

Congratulations! You’ve got a fully executed contract. You can always see your signed proposal in the pipeline, or associated with your client. Create any projects that weren’t already included in your proposal.

Active projects

All of your active projects with clients will appear here. Archived projects are still available for viewing associated with your client file. Easily keep an eye on how many active projects you have so you know when it’s time to take on new clients.


Clients with no active projects will show in Idle after a period of inactivity.

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