Use Hectic’s sidebar to navigate through the app. The sidebar can be pinned open, or unpinned to collapse until you hover over it. If you find you'd like to filter, share, or create new from any given feature, look in the upper right corner for corresponding buttons. If you ever get stuck, click the question mark in the bottom-right corner to get help.

Here is an overview of the features in the left sidebar.


The search bar offers an easy way to globally search Hectic for what you need. Start typing to quickly access clients, contacts, deliverables, and more, or filter by the specific type of content you’re looking for.


We recommend you set this as the first page you see when you log in (toggle this in settings > preferences > app settings). You have 3 tabs for homebase - focus, calendar, and insights. Homebase has notifications, your schedule, upcoming deliverables, and a place for notes and to-dos that are not associated with a project.

Quickly add clients, proposals, deliverables, time entries, expenses, and invoices from the top of focus. See your time worked, ongoing projects, meetings, and more in calendar. Get a picture of your businesses time and money and how they work together in insights.


See all your projects across all clients in one place. This gives you an overview of all your current and upcoming projects, so you can get a full picture of your work.

Use the project list tab to see all of your projects and edit their details like collaborators and fee structure. You can also use this view to see the health of each project with a time and money table and sum of deliverables by status.

In the deliverable list tab, you get a table of your projects and deliverables. Edit the columns to match your work flow. Set up which column is viewable in client portal (pro feature) and which one is your completed work.

Deliverables kanban gives you movable cards to prioritize your work within each status column.


Get your finances in order with Hectic’s accounting features, including expense tracking, vendor management, and profit & loss reports. Send invoices (including electronic payment options) and track your business expenses all year long for the easiest tax season ever.

Sales pipeline

Manage your prospects and clients so you never get a dry spell or feel like you are drowning. Lead generation forms and meetings scheduled become inquiries. Easily keep track of who has received a proposal and who is ready to start working with you.

Pro tools
All of the features nested here are on our Pro tier ($11.99 per month, no contract). For features you access often, click the star to dock them as a favorite so they are always viewable in the left navigation.

  • Communicator: Focus your communication just for work emails, texts, and calls. Plus get your own business phone number so you don't have to give out your personal number anymore.

  • Sales pipeline: Visualize the work you're doing and the work that's coming so you never over book and always know what's next.

  • Client portal: Level up your client experience with a branded client portal. Give your clients access to sign proposals, pay invoices, approve projects, and see time worked (or pick and choose what you want your clients to see)

  • Schedulers & forms: Stop going back and forth with emails. Get a link to schedule a meeting on your time. Get trackable forms for discovery, reviews, or lead generation.

  • Templates: Save the agreements, projects, and emails that you send the most as a template and use the time you're not typing the same words again to take a nap.


Clients are at the center of your work as a freelancer, and that’s reflected within Hectic. Clients will always be docked in your left panel. Star clients you work with often to have them always viewed. Hover over your favorite clients names and click the 3 dots for quick actions, like sending an invoice or tracking time.

Click into a client to access an overview of that client’s information. Switch to other tabs (e.g., invoices, proposals) to manage everything related to your work for that client. Learn more about client management in Hectic.

Time tracker

The stopwatch at the bottom of the sidebar lets you easily track your hours worked. Hit the play button to start the stopwatch, then add in the client, project, and task your focused on. Hit stop when you’re done, and the hours you worked will automatically appear in the time tracking section of that client.

Your profile

Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar to access several account settings and integrations. Here you'll manage:

  1. Subscription: See your current Hectic plan - Essentials, Pro, or Teams and upgrade as necessary.

  2. Settings & integrations: Update your information, add your logo, update preferences in the way you use core features, connect integrated apps, add team members (pro feature), and import data from an old account.

  3. Refer a friend, earn $50: Get a code to share with other freelancers. When they sign up for the Pro plan and pay for at least 2 months, you automatically earn $50.

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