Clients are the the center of your business. Keep your favorite clients (we know you have them) in the left panel for quick access by clicking the star by their name.

Add a client

To add a new client, click "Clients" and the blue + in the upper right. The company name is the only required information, but we recommend including as much detail as possible. Anything you add to client details here will automatically populate for you in other areas of Hectic (like when you’re sending proposals or creating invoices).

Editing a client

Once you’ve created a client, it’s easy to update their details as needed. Click the client's name and then edit on the overview page.

Set the invoicing and payment settings including:

  • Default hourly rate

  • Billing increment (round your time tracking to the nearest 15 minutes or other times)

  • Payment terms and late fee

  • Deposit amount

  • Payment instructions (set for only this client - set for all clients in your account settings in the lower left corner)

  • Toggle on and off pass Stripe credit card fees to client (or split them with the client)

Managing clients

From the overview, you can see projects, insights, and add known contacts. These contacts will be the only emails that you see in your client > inbox tab, allowing you to focus on just one client at a time without the distractions.

In the "Invoices" tab, see past and upcoming invoices for your client, or create a new one. Learn more about invoicing.

If your project pricing includes a deposit, request and view deposits in the "Deposit" tab.

In the "Timesheets" tab, you can see and edit all your past hours, including their status (billed, un-billed, non billable), and you can add additional time entries.

Create, review, and send agreements in the "Agreements" tab. You can send quotes, contracts, or proposals. Learn more about proposals.

Use Hectic forms to learn more about prospective clients or ask for feedback once a project is finished. Use the "Forms" tab to create and send forms or view responses. Learn more about forms.

View past and upcoming meetings in the "Meetings" tab. Click any meeting to view it's details. Click "Add new time entry" to quickly add that meetings scheduled minutes to your timesheet.

Archiving / deleting a client

If you have a client you are no longer working with, it is some times beneficial to remove that client from your active work space. If you have transacted business with the client and have invoices, proposals, projects, etc - we always suggest you simply archive the client so you don't need to see the record. Hectic will retain all of the data and history, and if you ever need to retrieve it - the information will be there for you.

Click clients and then the 3 dots on the right to archive the client.

If you haven't transacted business with the client - or the record was entered in error, you do have the option to delete the client and all of their associated files and data. Please note that this cannot be undone and once a client is deleted, that information is gone for good.

Click the client and then edit. In the upper right, you can click the trash can icon.

Ready to learn more? Read about managing the client lifecycle in Hectic, or adding a project.

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