Project management is designed to help you visualize your work flow so you can track your progress or easily work with collaborators.

Choose which view helps you the most:
1. Projects > Project list - edit overall project settings, add recurring deliverables, manage collaborators, and view time and money insights per project
2. Projects > Deliverable list - view of deliverables within their project, manage statuses, and add new deliverables

3. Projects > Kanban - view deliverables by their status, drag and drop to update status and/or sorting. Show associated tasks by clicking the ✓ in the header.
4. Projects > Timeline - view deliverables in a Gantt-style chart, drag-and-drop to update deliverable dates
5. Homebase > Calendar - view deliverables overlaid with the rest of your work schedule

Why do I see projects in the list view but nothing in the kanban card view?

If you have projects without deliverables, you will see them in the project list, but when you switch to the deliverable view, there is nothing to see. Create deliverables for your projects to see deliverables in the kanban view.

Customize your work flow

Add your work flow to deliverable list or deliverables kanban (updating one will update both). You'll begin with 3 default columns: "Not started," "In progress," and "Done." Edit the names as necessary or add a new column that fits in your process. You can toggle which column in your work flow is the "completed work" column by clicking the 3 dots. You can also toggle which column is for your client review. Items in the "Client workflow" columns allow clients to view deliverables and give approval in their client portal.

Add new statuses by using the "+" button to the right of existing statuses. Rearrange statuses using drag-drop.

The statuses are the same across your entire account. Update the status of any deliverable by dragging and dropping to your desired column, or in the deliverable details.

Client approval functionality

The "Client workflow" toggle is available for any column in kanban view. Toggling this to "on" will allow you to collaborate with your client by allowing them to approve the deliverable before moving to the next phase of the project.

If you have configured your Hectic™ client portal, then your client will receive an alert when you drag a deliverable into one of these columns (a task will be automatically created in the Client portal). You can find more information on client portal functionality here.

Sort by

You have several sort by options depending on which view you prefer. In project list, you can sort by project, due date, or client. In deliverable list you can sort by name, due date, or status. In kanban you can sort by priority or due date. In timeline you can sort by start date, name, or status.

Advanced filtered search

As every millennial Instagram user knows, a great filter can change everything. Use filters to narrow your focus for your sprint, your day, or your current moment. There is also a search option in the left navigation to quickly find whatever you need in your full account.

You can use the filter icon to search your projects by name or status in either view.

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