Hectic makes it easy to collaborate with other freelancers on shared projects. Add a user to a single project, or give another person full access to your Hectic workspace.

Team member vs. project collaborator permissions

The chart below lays out the access available to a team member and a project collaborator

Full access team member

Project collaborator

Track time on a project

View, edit, and create tasks

Add and edit client info

Add new projects

Make account settings changes (like adding an integration)

Add or edit collaborator access

Send invoices

Add expenses

Send an agreement

Change or remove the account owner

Adding collaborators to a single project

Adding a project collaborator will allow someone else to access and edit a single project in Hectic. Use this feature to include someone who is working with you on a small number of projects.

To add a project collaborator, click on a project and select the + under collaborators on the overview screen.

The invite they receive will contain a link that is valid for 7 days; if the invitation is not accepted before it expires, you’ll need to invite them again.

To edit collaborator access to projects, begin at workspace settings and click "team members." Use the 3 dots next to your collaborator's name to revoke or manage project access.

Your collaborator will navigate to the workspace setting in the lower left and click the carets to show all of their available workspaces. Here's what your collaborator will see:

Adding a full access team member (Hectic Teams plan required**)

If you work on most or all of your projects with a fellow freelancer, you may want to provide them with full account access. A full access team member can see everything you can (clients, projects, accounting, and more), and can add or remove other users. The account owner cannot be removed.

To add a full account user, begin in your workspace settings in the lower left > team members. Use the + button to add a full access team member.

Once you invite them, they will receive an email with a link to join that is valid for 7 days. If that link expires before they join, you’ll need to resend the invite.

Managing multiple workspaces

If you are currently a full access team member or project collaborator on another user’s Hectic account, you can add your own workspace under the same login. Collaborators and full access users need to have their own Hectic account. Please create an account in Hectic to begin working together.

Once you’ve added a personal workspace and logged in, you’ll be able to switch between workspaces using the workspace settings in the lower left corner.

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