After you started freelancing, the phrase “time is your most valuable resource” probably took on a brand-new meaning. By effectively tracking your time, you’ll be able to get paid what you’re worth every time you sit down to create.

Using Hectic’s time tracker

Towards the bottom of your left navigation, you'll see a stopwatch like this (or just the icon if the left navigation is collapsed):

Go ahead, hit the button. You’ll see the timer start right away, along with a message that says “What are you working on?” If you click that message, you’ll be able to select the client you’re working for from a dropdown menu. You can also (optionally) select the specific project and deliverable you’re working on, and add some notes about how you’re spending that time.

💡 Pro tip: It’s fine to close out of Hectic with the timer running; just make sure to come back and hit the stop icon when you’re done working. The timer will keep running in the background, whether Hectic is open or not. You can also start and stop your timer in your mobile app.

If you started working without starting the timer, just hit the start button when you remember, then click into the start time field to update it. Modify your time entries as necessary by navigating to the client that you worked for and choosing "Time worked." Get a quick glance of your time client by client by choosing the "Time worked" tab in any client and then switching to other clients.

Tracking your time manually

You can also add time you’ve worked quickly from homebase. In the focus tab, use the "add new" buttons at the top to add a manual time entry. In the calendar tab, use "create new" in the top right.

From there, you can add in a start time, end time, client, project, and other necessary details.

Tracking your time to a deliverable

If you have created a project with deliverables, you can track or manually add time to a specific deliverable within project management. Navigate to projects from the left navigation. Choose (or create new) your project and deliverable. Use the + in the right center of the modal to manually add time or use the stop watch to start the time tracker.

Pro tip: Easily see all the time you and/or your collaborators have worked under "Time worked" on a deliverable by creating clear deliverables and making a habit of tracking your time.

Billing for your time

How you bill for your hours will depend on the agreement between you and your client. Hectic’s time tracking feature can be used to track and bill for your time with all contract types.

  • Retainer billing
    If you’re working under a retainer, you can estimate your maximum number of hours and include an hourly overage rate for any number of hours tracked over your maximum. (see more about setting or editing project fee types here)

  • Project billing
    With a project-based billing structure, you may choose not to keep track of your hours at all. But it might be useful to track them, in order to inform future decisions about how you price your work.

  • Hourly billing
    If you’ve set an hourly billing rate for a client/project, we’ll automatically feed your hours into your invoices for that client. When you send each invoice, all the details on what you’ve been working on will be available for the client’s review.

  • Per item billing

    You can set a project as per item and one or several of the deliverables could be billed at a set hourly rate. When you track time to a deliverable, it will calculate per your rate from your product/service library. You can see the total as hours are calculated.

Reviewing your hours

See how you have received money and spent your time by viewing homebase > insights.

You can click the time > hours worked block for a full list of your (and your collaborator's) time. Your hours are fully editable from this list by clicking on any of the entries. You can filter specific dates using the quick filters at the top. You can also sort by any of the headers - status, user, date, etc - and download the full list in a spreadsheet.

You can view a sum of hours worked on a project in projects > project list. Click on the project and see time worked in the boxes under "Time and money."

View hours worked per a deliverable by clicking in projects > deliverable list or deliverable kanban and clicking the summed "Time worked" box. You can edit your time entries from here. You can also view your collaborators time worked per deliverable here.

You can also see your time worked attached to a date in the calendar view.

Pro tip: Link your other calendars to Hectic to see everything in one place! In your account settings > connected apps, select one or multiple calendars so you can get a full picture of your time.

Show your work

Allow your clients to view time worked in their client portal as well so they have a real time picture of the progress on the project. You can also turn this feature off in your client portal if you prefer not to show your hours to your client.

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