Custom emails are an optional feature that allows you to configure an email address that all client-facing emails will come from. By default, emails are sent from a Hectic "no-reply" email address with a Reply-To setting of the email address you signed up with.

If you would like the emails to your clients to come from your email address or a specific email address dedicated to client-facing communication, you can follow these instructions for setting up SMTP services between Hectic and your email provider.

The settings in Hectic should align with the instructions from your specific email provider. Here are links for common email providers with instructions on how to determine the correct SMTP server settings.

* Please note that many providers require "app-specific" passwords that are generated once and copied into the "Password" field. These are different than the password you log into Google, Apple, Yahoo with. While your password is secure and encrypted within Hectic - it is always a good idea to use App-Specific Passwords if your email provider supports them.

** If you receive a bad-credentials error message, please follow the below instructions to create an app-specific password.

Google App Specific Passwords
Apple App Specific Passwords
Office 365 App Specific Passwords

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