The features tab gives you the ability to enable or disable core Hectic modules within the Client Portal. Whether you simply don't want to share the information with your client or you don't currently use the feature - you can control what core modules your client will see when they log in.

Grant custom access to each client in the permissions tab. Click on the client you wish to configure. From this modal, you can grant access to as many users as necessary for that client information and customize which features that specific client is able to see.

Welcome Page

The welcome page is "always on" and displays your welcome greeting as well as any action items the client needs to be aware of. The items that are presented are: deliverables requiring approval, invoices ready for payment, agreements ready for review, and upcoming scheduled meetings.


The projects module provides both status information as well as deliverable approval workflow functionality.

The project overview screen will show relevant information, rates, time worked, and invoicing information for a project. Both active and completed projects are visible to the client.

If you want to share files with a client, you can do this in two ways. The first is to upload attachments directly into a deliverable. This has a size limit of 50 MB. The second way is to share a link to Google Drive, Dropbox, or anything else in the comment section.

The deliverable approval workflow is a streamlined process for collaborating with your client, delivering final work product, or simply getting approval to move to the next phase of the project.

This workflow is directly integrated in your project kanban. Simply choose one or more columns that are flagged for "Client approval". When you drag a deliverable into one of these columns, your client will be automatically notified and a task will show up in the Client Portal.

The client can comment, download attachments, upload new attachments, and ultimately click the "Approve" button to let you know they are OK with the work completed. When the approve button is clicked, you will receive a real time notification and the deliverable card will be automatically moved to the next column on the kanban board!

*The invoice and time worked boxes can be toggled on/off by enabling or disabling the core features.


Give your client one place to see all of their current and past invoices along with professional visualizations and trends.

Time worked
If transparency is important to your clients, you can share your time worked details directly through your client portal. Your clients will always feel in control when they can have real time updates on your project time allocations.


One place to view all agreements (quotes, proposals, and contracts). Real time notifications will appear on their dashboard if there is a new agreement to review. In addition the commenting system built directly into the agreement is a great way to collaborate on getting that agreement just right.


Provide one place for your client to book new meetings with you as well as see their upcoming (or past) meetings. These meetings are also automatically added to their calendar, but this is a nice place to manage, cancel, and reschedule meetings without needing to search for them.

To enable your schedulers to appear directly in the Client Portal, simply set the "Show in Client Portal" option under the Meeting configuration.

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