You can customize the look and feel of your client portal under the "Customization" tab. Navigate to your client portal settings by clicking your workspace icon in the lower right and choosing client portal.

You have the ability to set fonts, colors, splash images, and greeting messages.

Your logo is uploaded in your settings configuration. Add it from your workspace settings > my business.

Logo size and file type

For the best looking logo, we recommend a transparent or white background SVG file. If you only have access to a JPG, we recommend 300px width files. The logo will be displayed on the login page as well as the welcome page and in the navigation bar.

Greeting messages

The "login" greeting will be displayed to the user on the login screen where we ask for their email address to authenticate them. We recommend including verbiage about the magic link email that will be sent to their inbox. Hectic is a "Zero Password Platform" meaning that all of our authentication for our primary app as well as our Client Portal is password-less/one-time secure access credentials.

The Home page welcome will be displayed under your logo after the user logs in. Directly below the greeting will be any action items the client needs to be aware of (invoice ready to be paid, contract ready for review, etc).

Hectic's client portal can be translated into your client's preferred language using the toggle in the lower left of your client's view. Your greeting messages will be displayed in the language that you write them and will not be automatically translated.

Login splash image

Choose an image that reflects your brand... or just search for a color if you want to have a solid background that compliments your logo. The splash image is only displayed on the login screen.

Fonts & colors

Choose from over 500 Google Fonts and select your primary brand color as well as a complimentary color for the left navigation panel.

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