Client portal is a pro feature.

Hectic's Client Portal is full featured solution which gives your clients one place to access all of their invoices, time worked information, contracts, scheduled meetings, and project collaboration tools. Use your logo, fonts, colors, domain, and emails - the Hectic Portal looks like it was custom built by you, for your clients. Your client does not need a Hectic account to view client portal.

Customize and view your client portal by clicking the cog in the lower right and choosing "Client portal."

Your client's view of client portal:

To grant your client access to the portal, go to pro tools > client portal > domains. We set up one default domain for you or then you can add your own custom domain if you prefer.

Once you grant your client access to the portal, email them the link you created (your custom or hecticshare) from client portal > domatins. They can go to that URL and enter their email address and we will send them a magic link to login.

Here is a quick client's guide to client portal.

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