This guide will introduce you to project management in Hectic. You’ll learn how to create, edit, and update your projects.

Keeping track of your projects in Hectic

As a freelancer, the value you offer your clients boils down to the work you complete and share with them: your deliverables. A project can have just one deliverable or many, but the most important moment in your relationship with your clients is when you deliver that work to them.

Hectic’s project management tool is built to reflect this. Each project is attached to a client (and a particular client can have multiple projects). Within each project, you’ll have one or more deliverables, and each deliverable includes a set of tasks required to complete it.

Adding a project

Projects are created three ways in Hectic.

  • From homebase under "Add new" select the deliverable icon. Choose "+ Create project" (or add your deliverable to an existing project).

  • From projects choose "Create new" from the top right corner. If you are a Pro user, you can also begin from a project template.

  • A signed agreement will automatically add projects. You can toggle automatic project creation on and off in your project settings. See more about creating a proposal that becomes a project here.

Configure your project settings

Click the pencil icon next to the project name. Add a start date and due date to each project. This will integrate into your calendar so you can see how full or ready for work your schedule is.

Fee types

The freelancer mantra is "never work for free." When you set up your projects, you can set up how you will get paid based on the way you like to work.

  • Hourly projects: Set a default hourly rate or an hourly rate per project. Use Time tracker to take the guesswork out of invoicing hourly. Your set hourly rate will apply to each deliverable within the project.

  • Retainer projects: Set your retainer amount and period. Choose advanced or arrears payment.
    Pro-tip: You can also set hour estimates and retainer overage payment.

  • Fixed-rate projects: Assign a flat rate per each of projects.

  • Per item pricing: Assign a different price to each deliverable under a project.

You can select a color highlight to make it easy to glance at your deliverables kanban for progress.

Pro tip: Keeping track of estimated time vs. actual time will help you to better estimate your time-spent and income on future projects. Your estimated time can also be shown to your clients in their client portal alongside your actual time worked to allow them to make evaluations in real time. More about time tracking here.

Adding a deliverable

Add a deliverable from the "Create new" drop down in the upper right. You can also quick add a deliverable from your homebase focus tab.

If you have chosen "Per item" as your fee structure for the project, you can select a previously used product or service or create a new one.

Only items in the "Done" status (or to the right of it in your kanban board) will be available for adding to an invoice.

Add tasks

Within a deliverable, you can add and check off tasks. Use these to keep track of the individual steps required to complete your project.

If you complete the same deliverable and set of tasks for projects, you can click "Duplicate" and a copy of the deliverable will be made. You can keep it in the same project, or move it to another client and/or project.

When all the tasks are checked off, you’re ready to move the deliverable to the “done” status!

Keeping track of your work

As you make progress on your deliverables, update their status to reflect this. By default, all new projects will be set to Not started, with two other statuses available: In progress and Complete. You can add new statuses in project management by the + button to the right of existing statuses on the project management page. On the same page, you can also rename existing statuses by clicking on the status name and typing over it.

Toggle which column is your "done" column by clicking the 3 dots next to the column's header and choose "Set status as complete" for one column. If you are on the pro tier, you can also choose one of your columns to be your client approval column with the "Client approval" toggle.

In the deliverables list view, drag the colored bar between statuses to change the status. In the deliverables kanban view, you can drag the card to change the status. You can also click into the card itself and update the status using the drop-down menu.

If you set a deadline for a deliverable, it will appear on that date in your project calendar view. Deliverables without deadlines will not be visible from the calendar.

The project list and deliverables kanban on the projects page will show all projects, regardless of status. You can use the filter icon to search your projects by name or status.

Set Complete

Once you have completed a project, you can edit the project settings to "Set complete." This will remove the project from project management list view and deliverables kanban, but keep it for viewing at the bottom of your project list page.

Once you have your projects created, you can integrate them with client portal, time tracking, invoicing, and calendar.

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