This tutorial introduces the Hectic™ calendar. It will show you how to leverage the calendar's functionality to create a central hub where you can organize the entire ecosystem of your business and your life, all in one place.

Calendar provides a clear and comprehensive view of your world, so you never miss a detail. Get a pulse on every single facet of your business or use filtering to see exactly what you need and when you need it.

  • Upcoming calendar events, including those meetings created with your meeting scheduler.

  • Invoices: See when you submitted invoices, their status, amounts, and payment date (including scheduled and recurring invoices).

  • Project deliverables: Use advanced filtering to see project deliverables from every angle possible.

  • Proposals: Keep track of when you submitted a proposal and stay apprised of its ongoing status.

  • Time-worked - See the amount of time you have clocked using time tracker on the days you clocked it, plus get a quick visual overview of time worked by client.

In short, you can use the combination of filters and timeframe settings to see your past activities, current priorities, and future commitments from a high-level view, with the ability to drill down to granular details.

Connect your other calendars

Hectic™ allows you to sync your iCloud calendar and/or all of your Google calendars with your Hectic calendar, creating a truly central hub where you can see the entire ecosystem of your business and your life, all in one place.

Connect your outside calendars to see your work in the context of the appointments, important dates, and other events that are included on your external calendar.

Set this from your account settings > connected apps.

For Google calendars, you can select specific calendars associated with a single email address and/or connect calendars from multiple email addresses.

Note: When trying to connect your iCloud calendar, Apple requires app-specific passwords to allow you to sign in to your account securely when you use third-party apps with your Apple ID.

Hectic meeting scheduler events will create events in your connected calendar, but invoices, deliverables, proposals, and time worked will not create events in your connected calendars.

If you have a calendar you would like to see added, you can submit a feature request or up vote an existing request.

Focus with filters

The filtering functionality allows you to customize the calendar into various views. You can use these filters to answer important questions, like:

  • How much time did I work yesterday for Client A? Client B? Total?

  • When did I send that invoice, and what was its amount?

  • What's the status of that proposal, and when did I send it?

  • What deliverables are due tomorrow? This week? This month?

Use the filter in the upper right to narrow your scope to exactly what you need to see. Filter specific calendars, categories, clients, or deliverable statuses or any combination of those.

You can also create new deliverables, time entries, invoices, proposals, and events directly in the calendar by clicking "Create new" in the upper right.

The calendar is clickable so you can view and edit everything you see from meetings scheduled to deliverable details to invoices, all in once place.

Customize the amount of time (month, week, day, etc) you view by using the dropdown in the upper left. The calendar will display the same information but in different presentations as you switch through the time frame views.

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