Use Hectic’s sidebar to navigate through the app. The sidebar can be pinned open, or unpinned to collapse until you hover over it. If you ever get stuck, click the question mark in the bottom-right corner to get help.


Clients are at the center of your work as a freelancer, and that’s reflected within Hectic. The first page in your Hectic sidebar is the Clients page, where you can create new clients and edit existing ones.

Click into a client to access an overview of that client’s information. Switch to other tabs (e.g., Projects, Invoices) to manage everything related to your work for that client. Learn more about client management in Hectic.

Project management

To see all your projects across all clients in one place, use the Project management page. This gives you an overview of all your current and upcoming projects, so you can get a full picture of your work.

Use the Project list tab to see a table of your projects and deliverables, or switch to Deliverables kanban to see each deliverable as a tile arranged by status.


See your time worked, due dates, sent and paid invoices, and more in a calendar view on the Calendar page. You can also connect your Google Calendar to Hectic to sync your appointments.


Get your finances under control with Hectic’s account features, including expense tracking, vendor management, and income reports. Stay on top of your finances all year long for the easiest tax season ever.


Check in on the state of your business with the reports tab. See an overview of the time you’re working, the invoices you’ve sent and received payment for, and your overall sales pipeline (e.g., which clients are in the Prospect phase, vs those who have signed contracts).


The search bar offers an easy way to globally search Hectic for what you need. Start typing to quickly access clients, contacts, deliverables, and more, or filter by the specific type of content you’re looking for.


Get a quick view of important updates across your account, like when a proposal gets signed.


Use the To-Dos section to keep track of all those little tasks that aren’t related to a specific paid project (like upgrading your office chair or filing your taxes). Check items off as you complete them, or use the trash icon to delete them.


The notes section is an easy way to jot something down so you don’t forget it. Take meeting notes, organize your thoughts, or save some links you want to come back and reference later. Markdown is fully supported in Notes (as well as any descriptions across Hectic).

Time tracker

The stopwatch at the bottom of the sidebar lets you easily track your hours worked. Hit the play button to start the stopwatch, then add in the client, project, and task your focused on. Hit stop when you’re done, and the hours you worked will automatically appear in the time tracking section of that client.

Your profile

Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar to access your billing information, account settings, and more.

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