This guide will show you how to keep track of your clients in Hectic. Read on to learn how to add, edit, and organize your clients.

Find the client page in Hectic

In the main navigation menu, click Clients to view a list of all your current clients and prospects, or add new ones. If you haven’t added any clients yet, the page will be empty; don’t worry! We’ll fill it up soon.

Add a client

To add a new client, click New client and fill out the modal that appears. The company name is the only required information, but we recommend including as much detail as possible. Anything you add to client details here will automatically populate for you in other areas of Hectic (like when you’re sending proposals or creating invoices).

Editing a client

Once you’ve created a client, it’s easy to update their details as needed. Click the client’s name to open the individual client’s overview.

In the client overview, hover over the client’s name to access the edit button. Click the edit icon to edit the client details or archive the client.

Managing clients

Open the client’s Projects tab to see all past and current projects for that client. From this view, you can add deliverables, create new projects, and see a snapshot of your active work. Learn more about project management.

In the Invoices tab, see past and upcoming invoices for your client, or create a new one. Use the Deposits tab to view or request deposits. Learn more about invoicing.

If your project pricing includes a deposit, request and view deposits in the Deposit tab.

In the Time worked tab, you’ll see all your past hours, including their status (billed or un-billed), and you can add additional time entries.

Create, review, and send proposals in the Proposals tab. Once a proposal is signed, it becomes a contract, and the project’s details will be added to your active projects. Learn more about proposals.

Use Hectic forms to learn more about prospective clients or ask for feedback once a project is finished. Use the Forms tab to create and send forms or view responses. Learn more about forms.

Finding your clients

On the client page, start typing in the “filter” bar to search for a specific client by name, email, or company.

If you’d prefer to only search for active or archived clients, you can select that option in the dropdown to the right of the search bar.

You can also search for a specific client anywhere in Hectic using the search field in the sidebar.

Ready to learn more? Read about managing the client lifecycle in Hectic, or adding a project.

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