After you started freelancing, the phrase “time is your most valuable resource” probably took on a brand-new meaning. By effectively tracking your time, you’ll be able to get paid what you’re worth every time you sit down to create.

Using Hectic’s time tracker

At the bottom of every page in Hectic, you’ll see a little stopwatch like this:

Go ahead, hit the ▶️ button. You’ll see the timer start right away, along with a message that says “What are you working on?” If you click that message, you’ll be able to select the client you’re working for from a dropdown menu. You can also (optionally) select the specific project and deliverable you’re working on, and add some notes about how you’re spending that time.

💡 Pro tip: it’s fine to close out of Hectic with the timer running; just make sure to come back and hit the stop icon when you’re done working. The timer will keep running in the background, whether Hectic is open or not.

If you started working without starting the timer, just hit the start button now, then click into the start time field to update it.

Tracking your time manually

You can also add in time you’ve worked directly to your calendar. Navigate to the Calendar page, then click Create new > Time worked.

From there, you can add in a start time, end time, client, project, and more.

Billing for your time

How you bill for your hours will depend on the agreement between you and your client. Hectic’s time tracking feature can be used to track and bill for your time with all contract types.

  • Retainer billing
    If you’re working under a retainer, you’ll likely have a cap on the number of hours you’ve agreed to work for a given time period. If you’ve included those fees in your project overview, Hectic will send you notifications when you start to reach your limit.

  • Project billing
    With a project-based billing structure, you may choose not to keep track of your hours at all. But it might be useful to track them, in order to inform future decisions about how you price your work.

  • Hourly billing
    If you’ve set an hourly billing rate for a client/project, we’ll automatically feed your hours into your invoices for that client. When you send each invoice, all the details on what you’ve been working on will be available for the client’s review.

Reviewing your hours

Within Reports > Time tracking, you can see your past hours over time.

Your hours are fully editable from this page. Click a block of time worked to display a pop up where you can alter the start time, end time, project, and other details.

To display only hours worked for a specific project or client, use the Filter time worked button in the top right corner. You can search or filter by client, time frame, or status (billed or not billed).

You can also see your time worked in the Calendar tab.

Pro tip: link your Google Calendar to Hectic to see everything in one place! From the Calendar page, click the gear icon near the top to start the sync.

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