This guide will introduce you to project management in Hectic. You’ll learn how to create, edit, and update your projects.

Keeping track of your projects in Hectic

As a freelancer, the value you offer your clients boils down to the work you complete and share with them: your deliverables. A project can have just one deliverable or many, but the most important moment in your relationship with your clients is when you deliver that work to them.

Hectic’s project management tool is built to reflect this. Each project is attached to a client (and a particular client can have multiple projects). Within each project, you’ll have one or more deliverables, and each deliverable includes a set of tasks required to complete it.

Adding a project

You can add a project in multiple ways within Hectic.

  • Within a client, navigate to the projects section and click Create new > Project to add a project. This will open up a project page where you can add deliverables, collaborators, and more.

  • On the Project management page, click Add new > Project to add a new project.

  • A signed contract can be converted into a project. To add the project details from a signed contract to your Projects tab, open the contract, then click the button with three dots. Click Create project in the menu that appears.

Adding a deliverable

Like projects, there are multiple locations where you can add a deliverable in Hectic.

  • Within a client’s Projects tab, use the + symbol next to a status (e.g., Not started, In progress) to add a new deliverable

  • On the Project management page, add a new deliverable by clicking Add new > Deliverable. You can choose to attach the deliverable to an existing project or create a new one.

Add tasks

Within a deliverable, you can add and check off tasks. Use these to keep track of the individual steps required to complete your project.

When all the tasks are checked off, you’re ready to move the deliverable to the “done” status!

Keeping track of your work

As you make progress on your deliverables, update their status to reflect this. By default, all new projects will be set to Not started, with two other statuses available: In progress and Complete. You can add new statuses in the Project management page by the + button next to existing statuses on the Project management page. On the same page, you can also rename existing statuses by clicking on the status name and typing over it.

In the Project list view, drag the colored bar between statuses to change the status. In the Deliverables kanban view, you can drag the card to change the status. You can also click into the card itself and update the status using the drop-down menu.

If you set a deadline for a deliverable, it will appear on that date in your project calendar view. Deliverables without deadlines will not be visible from the calendar.

The Project list and Deliverables kanban on the Project management page will show all projects, regardless of status. You can use the filter icon to search your projects by name or status.

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